CycleWood Solutions Receives Grant to Commercialize Xylobags

October 7, 2014

Innovate Arkansas client firm and UA startup CycleWood Solutions has received a federal grant of almost $750,000 to speed commercialization of its Xylobag, a compostable substitute for traditional, plastic trash bags.

The $741,221 grant came from the National Science Foundation. 

The UA Newswire has more here, and here's the AP version via Arkansas Business. Meanwhile, here's an excerpt from the UA Newswire:

Nhiem Cao, president and chief executive officer of cycleWood Solutions, said the grant allows the start-up company to accelerate the commercialization of the company’s trademarked single-use Xylobag – a strong and tough compostable substitute for traditional plastic bags. The Xylobag blends lignin, an abundant organic polymer that is most commonly derived from wood, with a compostable material.

Ozark Natural Foods in Fayetteville began stocking Xylobags in July and cycleWood Solutions has secured commitments from two retail chains to stock the bags, Cao said. The company displayed the Xylobags last month in Baltimore at Natural Products Expo East, the East Coast's largest natural, organic and healthy products event.

“Using compostable bags and liners removes the risk of plastic contamination in compost,” Cao said. “The commercialization of these modified lignins will help to alleviate the plastic waste problems that are impacting municipalities across the country.”



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