UA Hosting Seminar on Nano Applications, Workshops at Food Innovation Center

January 23, 2015

The University of Arkansas is hosting a seminar on nanomaterial applications for energy conversion, sensing and biomedical, as well as a series of workshops on food commercialization at its Food Innovation Center.

The seminar on nanomaterials will be led by researcher Jim Zhang of the University of California at Santa Cruz and held Monday at 3:30 on campus, while the food commercialization workshops are scheduled for later this month and February.

Herte's more from the UA: 

Jin Zhang of the University of California, Santa Cruz, will present a seminar at 3:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 26, in CHEM 144. He will discuss novel optical properties of nanomaterials for energy conversion, sensing and biomedical applications.

Nanomaterials are of strong interest for both fundamental and technological reasons. At the fundamental level, nanomaterials possess novel physical and chemical properties that differ from those of bulk matter due to quantum confinement effect and exceedingly large surface-to-volume ratio. These novel properties are highly promising for applications in emerging technologies. The Zhang lab has been actively engaged in the study of optical and dynamic properties of nanomaterials of both semiconductor and metal for solar energy conversion, solid state lighting, chemical sensing, and biomedical applications...

... The steps from start to finish to make commercial food products for local food systems will be taught in a series of workshops – “Plan. Produce. Profit.” – at the Arkansas Food Innovation Center, a unit of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

The first two workshops are open to anyone who signs up. Participants will explore the process of taking a product from concept to the commercial market plus the fundamentals of starting a food-processing business. Participants in the third workshop will be selected on a competitive basis from among people who attend the first two. They will receive assistance from the center’s personnel and use of its facilities in commercializing their product.

The center is a fully equipped service facility for food product development and processing. It provides assistance to small- and mid-size agricultural producers and entrepreneurs.

All workshop sessions will be held at the center’s facilities at the university’s Department of Food Science, 2650 N. Young Ave., in Fayetteville. The workshops are supported by a Southern Extension Risk Management Education grant.

More on the nano applications seminar from the UA Newswire here; more on the food commercialization workshops here.


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