IA Client RxResults Launches New Pharmacy Benefits Products

August 4, 2015

Innovate Arkansas client firm RxResults of Little Rock, a pharmacy benefits risk management firm, has unveiled two new products.

Its MemberChoice option for employers can "help their health plan members save money and feel better and also improve the company's bottom line." The new Specialty Drug Management tool can help keep specialty drug costs down.

More from RxResults CEO Tery Baskin:

Employers are torn between managing the cost of providing health care benefits and being able to retain talent in the workforce. They are faced with getting members more engaged in spending medical cost dollars wisely. We have put an incentive program in place along with education to help keep your members engaged and making the right decisions about pharmacy spending.

Most employers know little about what makes a drug a specialty drug, but most do know the costs are rising astronomically. The industry is predicting that specialty drugs may be the primary cause of rising medical costs over the next few years. Without a proactive approach to managing these dollars, employers will experience an exponential rise in cost year after year.

More info on MemberChoice here, and more on Specialty Drug Management here.

Good stuff from one of IA's success stories.

Stay tuned. More to come...


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