IA Interviews: Foster Davis, BreachBits

by Innovate Arkansas September 15, 2021 Acceleration, Clients, Talent

David Sanders, Director of Innovate Arkansas (IA) at Winrock interviews J. Foster Davis, Co-Founder & COO of BreachBits. BreachBits specializes in delivering predictive cyber risk insights for business executives. Foster is an Arkansas native who served in the U.S. Navy as a cyber warfare officer but recently returned to his home state to build BreachBits based on his strong belief that Arkansas is a leading force in both business and technology. David and Foster talk about the unique BreachBits approach to cyber risk: “what would a hacker do?” Through automation and artificial intelligence, BreachBits emulates hacker techniques to assess business risk to cyber-attacks. Learn more about BreachBits here: https://www.breachbits.com/ 

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