IA Interviews: The CEO Tech Forum

by Innovate Arkansas October 16, 2021 Acceleration, Clients

David Sanders, Director of Innovate Arkansas (IA) at Winrock, interviews Mike Smith and Tim McFarland, leaders of the CEO Tech Forums for Innovate Arkansas clients. If you’re the busy leader of a dynamic organization, it’s hard to find the perfect time, environment, and people with whom to process the challenges only you can understand. Life can be lonely when you’re the one accountable. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. The CEO Tech Forums bring together regional C-Suite leaders and business owners in ongoing monthly closed-door sessions, in which they can process each other’s issues and challenges, and share deep insights about business and the business climate in the region, the state and the world. Business competitors are not allowed in the same forum. A confidentiality agreement is signed at the beginning of each meeting. Deep trust occurs. Bonds form. A strong support network is built.  

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