Looking to 2009; Managing Your Mind in Tough Times

January 5, 2009

Two Arkansas Business columns this week carry guidance on negotiating the new year and these though economic times.

First, Jim Karrh shares marketing knowledge that everyone needs to know for the new year. The keys revolve around knowing your customer and, first, your newest customers:

It is easy to track overall numbers of new customers, but do you know why these customers have come to you? Make sure there is a clear and consistent definition of a "new" customer versus a lapsed one, for example. My experience across many clients is that, because new customers come to the company from any of several paths – online, walk-ins, referrals, call centers, etc. – they get classified in different ways. That leads to flawed data and can result in poor decisions down the road. 

More from Karrh here.

Next, Martin Thoma talks about how to endure in a recession. Focusing on the future is key, as well as keeping up current relationships. But also, don't lose sight of who you are:

In our success-driven culture, it's common to identify with one's external circumstances, social standing, "stuff" or achievements. Yet situations can change with breathtaking speed. Take your cues instead from the center – your dreams, ideals, aspirations and values. Your internal compass does not change. 

More from Thoma here.

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