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Complex business solutions require a technology-proficient workforce capable of understanding and developing innovative products, services, and businesses. We not only work to build that pipeline, through support of training and development programs such as the Arkansas Fellowship and Iron Yard, but also through corporate talent sourcing, mentorship, and university outreach programming.

As our client businesses continue to grow, so grows Innovate Arkansas’ talent-related services. We’ve always put an emphasis on developing Arkansas talent, but we also now focus on connecting Innovate Arkansas clients and partners in the name of talent sourcing. If you’re developing talent through training programs in Arkansas or are an Arkansas entrepreneur in the process of hiring new team members, reach out to see how Innovate Arkansas can help you in your endeavors.

Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying
Abigail Kiefer - Co-founder & CEO, Red Clay

Innovate Arkansas was an instant plug into what was going on in the venture and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Arkansas. From the minute we were an Innovate Arkansas client, we were plugged into the right network of people.

Abigail Kiefer

Co-founder & CEO
Red Clay
Jamie Walden - Co-founder & CMO, Treatsie

Innovate Arkansas helped us grow from the very start, and we think they’ll be assisting us more and more on talent development. We see talent as one of the biggest challenges and potential barriers to growing the company here in Arkansas. Not to say we don't have a lot of talent here, but the talent we do have is typically employed, because they're talented! And there isn't a constant churn of talent coming out of schools here. If you don't have the right people in the right seats, you're not going to build the company to what you want to do.

Jamie Walden

Co-founder & CMO
Chris Monroe - Vice President of Sales, RxResult

Innovate Arkansas has a whole host of companies in its network that provide services that could be of value to us. We're in growth mode and expanding our salesforce, adding a couple of salespeople. They put us in touch with TheBench, an Innovate Arkansas partner focused on tech talent recruiting, which we're now in talks with to potentially help us source some candidates for our open sales positions.

Chris Monroe

Vice President of Sales
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