Spencer Jones: The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

January 5, 2015

2014 was a good year for Spencer Jones, and 2015 promises even bigger things for this Innovate Arkansas entrepreneur whose Jones Innovative Medical Solutions was named the winner of the fall installment of the ARK Challenge

Jones writes this week about the mindset of entrepreneurship for Arkansas Money & Politics magazine.

An excerpt:

The Internet forever changed the entrepreneurial mindset, and continues to influence the overall life cycle of their creations. Whether it’s vetting ideas, accessing capital, or reaching customers, the Internet instantly provides these essential aspects of entrepreneurship. Many entrepreneurs started out as unassuming thinkers with laptops, and because of the Internet, believed they had a legitimate shot at successful entrepreneurship. Believing you have a chance to make it, regardless of your surroundings, is a powerful notion that most entrepreneurs project.

The more rare trait that all entrepreneurs share is drive; unrelenting, passionate drive. Depending on whom you ask, it can be more important than the unique idea itself. Entrepreneurial drive pushes an idea into action with conviction, instead of letting the thought fizzle and pass altogether.

A little discussed truism is that successful entrepreneurs faithfully allow the purpose to drive the product, and not the other way around. In short, no one needs a solution to a problem they don’t really have! You have to innovate. Knowing what people want is easy, but figuring out unique ways to give it to them is hard.

Good stuff. Read the full post at AM&P here


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