ARK Winner Spencer Jones Featured in UA Newswire

February 24, 2015

ARK Challenge winner and Innovate Arkansas client Spencer Jones of Conway is featured in the University of Arkansas Newswire.

Jones (right), a Conway native and UA graduate, is a registered nurse at CHI St. Vincent in Little Rock. 

He won the fall installment of the ARK last year in Little Rock with a dual-draw catheter that could significantly improve the way blood and fluids are drawn in hospital settings.

Jones tells the UA that he's working with a mnanufacturer and hopes to submit his product for FDA approval in March. Once that's secured, it's off to market, by maybe early 2016, he says.

Here's more:

Jones invented a device that will eliminate the use of more than one needle when a patient must be hooked up to an IV.

“The whole crux of the device is to minimize the amount of times we would have to stick and prick our patients,” Jones said.

His product is a single catheter with two channels, inserted in the forearm, hand, or elbow like a normal IV catheter. The two channels are different sizes; the larger one is for fluid administration, and the shorter one is purely for blood draws.

Jones graduated from the University of Arkansas in December of 2013 and found a job on St. Vincent’s medical-surgical general patient floor. He first got the idea for his invention during his clinical rotations while a student in the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing at the U of A. Jones was asked to take a blood sample from a patient and was dumbfounded when he was told he could not take the sample from the already open IV site. 

Here's more on Jones and his startup, Jones Innovative Medical Solutions, in this space.

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