HARK Catches Up with IA Clients Stephen Canon and Spencer Jones

May 12, 2015

 HARK, that wonderful herald of the central Arkansas tech startup ecosystem, is determined to record the entrepreneurial conversation in Arkansas.

The latest episode from HARK features Little Rock startup founders and Innovate Arkansas clients Stephen Canon of Phyzit and fall 2014 ARK Challenge winner Spencer Jones of Jones Innovative Medical Solutions.

Watch the 5-minute video here, listen to the 23-minute podcast here, or read through and watch the video embedded from YouTube below.

We wrote a little about HARK here, and of course, you can learn all you want and watch these conversations for yourself at HARK.TV. HARK started out recording the conversations of central Arkansas entrepreneurs but is expanding to NWA. More to come on that.  

Its pairing of Stephen and Spencer is spot on. Stephen is a pediatric urologist at Arkansas Children's Hospital and Spencer a surgical nurse at CHI St. Vincent. In their daily routine, they each encountered methods that screamed for innovation, and then each one set out to make it happen.

The Phyzit TCM app improves post-visit communication between patients and their doctors. Jones developed a parent-pending device that provides hospitalized patients with a more accurate, pain-free blood draw system.

More on Phyzit from Arkansas Business:

And more on its progress from this space last week:

Here's more on Spencer and his run through the ARK Challenge from AB and IA:

From Phyzit's River Market office, Stephen and Spencer talk medical innovation, nurses as a bridge of communication between patients and time-strapped doctors, the need for more efficiency in American health care, and the need for electronic health records to catch up to technology.

Really good stuff from everybody involved. 

The YouTube version is below. Again, visit HARK.TV to check out all 15 episodes. 

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