A Look at Those Entrepreneurial 'A-ha' Moments

May 15, 2015

Innovate Arkansas clients Stephen Canon of Phyzit and Spencer Jones of Jones Innovative Medical Solutions had them.

Stephen's a pediatric urologist at Arkansas Children's Hospital and Spencer a surgical nurse at CHI St. Vincent in Little Rock, and in the course of their daily routine figured out ways to do their jobs better.

They experienced an "a-ha" moment, those flashes of "Eureka!" that led to things like the invention of the telegraph and the development of Apple, Microsft, even Airbnb.

UP Global provides this infographic on those entrepreneurial "a-ha" moments, which, really, are the essence of entrepreneurship.

Stephen's moment was figuring out with his dad a better way to communicate with patients, and Spencer figured out a more efficient and pain-free way to draw blood from hospital patients. Spencer's idea even led to an ARK Challenge win, where he won $150,000.

Their a-ha momenhts led to the founding of Phyzit, which has developed the Phyzit TCM app, and Spencer's starrtup, which is developing the partent-pending Bifurcated Venous Access Device.

Here's a sample from the UP Global post:

Before any entrepreneur became successful there was a time they did not know what to do. And then the aha moment happened. How?

The infographic shows how some fairly well known products and companies were hatched by light bulbs popping on in founders' heads.

Meanwhile, Stephen and Spencer recently sat down with HARK to talk about their ventures and health-care innovation in general.


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