Podcast, Episode 8: Dan Redwine of Metova

by Emily Reeves Dean May 16, 2016 Acceleration, Resources

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Arkansas-based Metova is an "Internet of Things" company and agency that develops apps and does software engineering with well-known national and international brands. Dan Redwine, VP of Business Development, talks about how Metova works with companies to understand how a technology challenge and marketing challenge can come together with a common solution to reach customers in ways that are most beneficial to the customers. He discusses the trend for increasing investments in digital marketing as companies fight for share of voice and share of engagement, and covers how Metova helps their clients figure out what to do. Metova is a trusted partner to Innovate Arkansas and works with our clients on concentrated digital marketing efforts that help grow the startups' businesses.

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About The Podcast

Arkansas has a rich history of entrepreneurs whose businesses have shaped not only our state, but our nation and the world.  A new generation of entrepreneurs are emerging from the shadows of Walmart, Tyson Foods, JB Hunt, and other legendary brands famous to Arkansas.   

The "Arkansas Goes Boom" podcast is inspired by this generation of dreamers and risk takers and was created as a resource for anyone in Arkansas that aspires to own their business, currently does, or just loves a good story.  Our guests are the dreamers and risk takers; and this is their story.

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