The Investor Pitch Deck

by Innovate Arkansas August 8, 2023 Capital, Resources

One of the ways that we work with clients is to help them get their pitch decks ready for investor presentations. Outlined below are the slides that we recommend be included in the ideal pitch deck. You can download a PDF version of this outline here: IA Pitch Deck Outline.pdf

Slides by Number (and please number your slides in this manner):

  1. Introduction: Either describe in one sentence or verbally describe the company with a logo on the slide during the presentation. 
  2. Management Team
  3. Problem: Top 3 problems for your targeted customer.
  4. Other Solutions/Competitors: Consider denoting features comparing your solution to the competition in a table form. In a chart, you could alternatively provide a two-axis high cost/low cost and another distinguishing characteristic and then place company names in the four quadrants. These are only illustrative ways to discuss. The purpose of this is to contrast as a lead-in for your solution.
  5. Our Solution: Describe how your solution solves the problems above. Diagrams are good.
  6. The Technology: Discuss IP here and the unique features that solve customers' problems in layman’s terms.
  7. Market Size: This needs to be your market and in dollars or units sold last year. Mention growth drivers and trends for this product/technology industry.
  8. Marketing Strategy: Describe your current clients and a specific strategy to sell units – channels, specific customer groups, geography.
  9. Business Model
  10. Financials: We suggest showing this using a bar chart for revenue segments with unit assumptions underneath. If you want to also do another graph, a line graph showing cash flows with milestones annotated on the graph.
  11. Use of Proceeds: Include the milestones you’ll achieve with this funding. A pie chart may be good here.
  12. Exit Strategy
  13. Contact Information

FAQs – list them, add Exhibits, charts/graphs. This will be reference material for Q & A.

If you are already an Innovate Arkansas client and would like to schedule a call with our team to work on your pitch deck, please email If you are not yet an Innovate Arkansas client, please apply here.

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