Partnership Between Innovate Arkansas, Baptist Health, and MappedOut Health Sets a Benchmark for Collaboration in Healthcare Innovation

by Innovate Arkansas August 22, 2023 Acceleration, Clients

Arkansas-based MappedOut Health is a patient engagement and education platform that is launching its first pilot project with Baptist Health with the help of Innovate Arkansas. The weight and fitness program pilot at Baptist Health will include custom app features for tracking the success of digital therapeutics and will serve as a model for expanding into other programs in the healthcare system such as pre-surgery and cardiology. 

The pilot's success will be measured by its potential to bring about meaningful behavior changes and reduce healthcare costs.  With a strong foundation of success, the future holds immense potential for scaling the platform's implementation and positively impacting the lives of countless patients across various service lines. 

The dedication and determination exhibited by all stakeholders in this endeavor are a testament to the transformative power of collaboration in healthcare. The partnership between Innovate Arkansas, Baptist Health, and MappedOut Health sets a benchmark for collaboration in healthcare innovation.

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