NYT: Here's What VCs in Silicon Valley Are Looking For

January 12, 2009

The New York Times takes a look at Silicon Valley VCs and where their heads -- ultimately their dollars -- will be in 2009.

Predictably, the recession has tempered any optimism with caution. The Times talked to several VC to see where their interests lie in 2009:

On the Web: " ... investors are looking for sites that make money in ways other than selling ads, like selling subscriptions or virtual goods."

Enterprise: " ... venture capitalists will invest in open-source software, Web-based software, Internet-based cloud computing and virtualization software that lets companies use less hardware to run applications."

Mobile: VCs are not high on apps for mobile phones. They're sticking instead with carriers and makers of phones and accessories.

Health Care: "Internet companies that help patients, banks and insurance companies manage health savings accounts or help people find assisted-living homes for aging parents are other likely recipients of investors’ largess."

Much more here.

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