Join Our Innovate Arkansas LinkedIn Group

December 30, 2008

There's lots of ways you can interact with Innovate Arkansas, including this very blog. But we've added yet another point of contact for the growing number of you who are addicted to online networking and social media.

Innovate Arkansas is now on LinkedIn, the popular professional networking site you can join for free here. Right now, we've got 35 members, including many of Innovate Arkansas' client firms. But you'll also find an array of CEOs, consultants, venture capital consultants, professors and more.

To join, you'll have to be a member of LinkedIn (setting up an account is easy and free). Once you've joined LinkedIn, conduct a search for the Innovate Arkansas group. Then click to join the group.

After that, you'll be able to interact with other members by posting new discussion topics or messaging one another.

We hope this will be another place for Arkansas' knowledge-based industry leaders to get together, exchange ideas and, ultimately, grow new products and services for the state.

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